Engineering Your Business

Engineering Your Business

This is what we do for our customers since  1999.

CIT Knoche GmbH is your partner for the sustainable improvement of your value chain. Our know-how in all aspects of Information and Communication Technology, in Quality Management and in creation and organisation of shared services will allow a successful digitalisation of your business with a sense of proportion.

We will only give advice for measure we ourselves can successfully implement.

We offer analysis, design, planning and implementation of organizational as well as ICT projects for customers of all branches. Upon request, we will run your new solution for you.

We feature the necessary competence for the implementation of complex projects. Our customers are:

– Higher Education
– Automotive suppliers
– Engineering and industry
– Retail
– service providers

Together with you and your teams, we analyze the challenges of your organization and your value chain. With the results, we will propose promising alternatives. You will choose the approach that suits you best. Because you decide what will be implemented, and you will control success.

The selected approach will be worked out in detail. A tight sequence of milestones will be realized together with your teams and your service providers.

Measurable success of the project is key. After all, any change is supposed to have a positive impact.